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Guard Pigeon Audit – Does Guard Pigeon Truly Offer An Appropriate Site Security Arrangement?

Guard Pigeon Survey – A real to life take a gander at Munchweb’s most recent item advertising.

In the wake of having acquired this instructional class and having dove into it completely, I can give you a genuine diagram of the experts and the cons of putting resources into this security preparing intended for the non-specialized crowd out there.

What Is Guard Pigeon?

In spite of the fact that Guard Pigeon has a fairly inquisitive and to some degree equivocal name superficially, it is really the WordPress site security arrangement as of late discharged by one Chris Much (otherwise known as Munchweb) and guarantees a blend of reports and recordings that incorporate all that you have to think about verifying your WordPress blog from programmers assaults and different nuisances out there on the Internet.

What Does Guard Pigeon Comprise Of?

Guard Pigeon comprises of an elegantly composed and simple to pursue PDF manage that makes you through the individual strides required in verifying your WordPress site.

This isn’t only your ordinary advanced download item that has been exceptionally touted as an expert offering which in the end crashes and burns. Having completely surveyed and actualized the strategies and procedures shrouded in the guide, I can securely say that I feel better shielded from the programmer network sneaking out there on the Web hoping to do mischief to my sites.

Just as the guide there are a progression of 25 recordings introduced in the “screen catch” group of recordings (where you adequately watch “over the shoulder” of the mentor to see precisely how and what they are getting along in the preparation exhibition).

What Do The Guard Pigeon Recordings Spread?

Just as being anything but difficult to pursue, the Guard Pigeon recordings contain an assortment of procedures on the best way to verify your WordPress site, for example,

Step by step instructions to change the document and envelope consents to give you the best assurance for your Internet host records and organizers

Contents and extra code that is an absolute necessity to add to your

The best WordPress modules out there that are free as well as offer the best mechanized security for your sites

Strategies for diminishing the probability of a programmer picking up passage to your Internet server through FTP or your WordPress blog itself

Changes that you can make to the WordPress login interface to bring down the odds of your site being hacked by a strategy known as Beast Power Assault

This turns out to be an exhaustive instructional class yet sadly there are a few drawbacks to the general offering, the primary concerns I will proceed with you seconds ago.

Presently, I will go over what I see as the genuine upsides and downsides of the Guard Pigeon WordPress security preparing bundle:


Very much evaluated advertising. You would be hard pushed to purchase a comparable standard or business WordPress security course at the cost Munchweb have set.

Guard Pigeon covers all the significant parts of executing a strong security “diagram” on your WordPress based site or sites.

The PDF report is elegantly composed, gave straightforward content and in general it is without language. Ideal for the expected objective group of spectators

The recordings are all around described and spread an entire host of perspectives inside the WordPress security field, some of which I should concede I had never known about

As a matter of fact executing the procedures and strategies talked about in the recordings and the PDF report are extremely direct. Nothing has been left to risk by the course creator.


The storyteller of the recordings, albeit clear and succinct may cause issues for certain individuals that experience issues in understanding certain lingos and accents

These aren’t the best “scaled” recordings, you may think that its aggravating to not see the “entire picture” when watching the preparation recordings

At the hour of composing, there is no choice to boost the recordings on the screen. This is overwhelmed by squeezing CTRL and the + key to zoom in however it can even now be somewhat aggravating for those of you used to survey preparing recordings in full screen

The recordings cannot be downloaded to your PC so the substance must be seen on the web. The PDF report anyway be downloaded.

What’s more, My General Impression of Guard Pigeon?

With different choices accessible available, both from business organizations and “Outside the box” organizations, Guard Pigeon needed to not simply be great, it must be brief, to the point, precise with the substance or more all else give genuine incentive to those that put their well deserved in the preparation it gives.

Fortunately, beside the negative focuses above, I feel that toward the day’s end Guard Pigeon conveys what it vows to the point that you won’t just feel progressively good with how secure your sites are, yet in addition increment your general information of how and why we increment security levels on our WordPress online journals and sites in any case.

I can prescribe Guard Pigeon as an answer that not exclusively will tick the over two boxes, yet will furnish you with strong information for a long time to come.

In the event that you have discovered this Guard Pigeon Audit helpful, at that point you might be keen on my video survey over on my site.

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